Solar PV Takes Centre Stage

Solar PV Takes Centre Stage There are fewer things that define ‘Britishness’ as much as a chat about the weather. Almost guaranteed after pleasantries have been exchanged will be a comment, opinion, remark or more likely good old moan about the recent prevailing conditions that we’ve endured. Most recently the sun has taken centre stage. Beaming down on our great country with a ferocity not often seen on these shores, classifying Brighton in the same breath as Bangkok and St Albans with Seville. We’ve had bare tops galore, insides of cars that feel like a sauna and the underlying feeling that when it comes to temperatures of 30+degrees, we tend to melt a little under the heat. Not only has it been busy scorching lawns and creating conversation, it’s also found the time to help smash records in the... read more

Who are you calling a Neanderthal?

It’s fair to say that being called a ‘Neanderthal’ is a comparison probably not at the top of anyone’s 2017 wish list, but the conception of our often unfairly judged ancestors of being brainless brutes is slowing being chipped away at – not least by discoveries that shed light on their relationship with fire and ingenious ways of generating heat. One of the most spectacular uses of fire by Neanderthals was in the production of a sticky liquid called pitch from the bark of birch trees that was used to haft, or fit wooden shafts on, stone tools. Since the only way to create pitch from the trees is to burn bark peels in the absence of air, archaeologists surmise Neanderthals dug holes in the ground, inserted birch bark peels, lit them and covered the hole tightly with stones... read more

Beef with Climate Change?

Beef with Climate Change? As the world seemingly continues to hurtle towards oblivion at pace and the amount of organisations, Governments, pressure groups, entrepreneurs, President elects, believers and non-believers share views and opinion on the climate change latest, it can seem to the everyday citizen to be a problem so big and so frightening, there is nothing we can actually do to help.  If some of the brightest and most powerful minds on the planet can’t come together to save humanity as we know it, what exactly can the little man do about it? Well, the answer is a lot and it could start with something as a simple review of our diet. On the face of it, the suggestion that cows could be a significant cause of climate change, sounds fanciful. Surely it’s the cars, vans and trucks... read more

Launch of Annual Just Energy Solutions Challenge

Launch of Annual Just Energy Solutions Challenge Just Energy Solutions is launching an annual golf day with corporate partners from the energy industry in aid of Oli Mills Foundation and Teenage Cancer Trust #JESchallenge  Since the beginning of our official affiliation with Oli Mills Foundation (OMF) and Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) six months ago, we’ve raised over £4,000, and will be adding all proceeds from the Just Energy Solutions Challenge to the tally. The inaugural Just Energy Solutions challenge will take place on Thursday 19th May at Harpenden Common Golf Club in Hertfordshire. Some of Just Energy Solutions’ corporate partners from the energy industry will be pitted against each other, along with teams from Oli Mills Foundation and Just Energy Solutions themselves. The challenge will be a team event, with golfers playing off full handicap from the yellow tees, with prizes generously... read more

Electric Vehicles: The Pros & Cons

Electric Vehicles: The Pros & Cons The electric vehicle (EV) is a relatively new concept in the world of cars. Although a fully electric car runs solely on electricity (a battery electric vehicle), some companies also offer hybrid vehicles that run on a combination of electricity and fuel – some of these plug in, some don’t. They may be relatively new, but EVs have surged hugely in recent years, with approximately 67,000 battery EVs (plug-in, grant eligible cars/vans) on UK roads right now. That’s an impressive 5,560% increase in just over 4 years, up from just 1,205 EVs in the UK at the end of 2011! The basic concept is that buying and driving an EV instead of a traditional fuel vehicle will both save you money and be better for the environment. Traditional fuel cars produce a high... read more

Worcester Bosch Adds Just Energy Solutions to Accredited Installers Scheme

Worcester Bosch Adds Just Energy Solutions to Accredited Installers Scheme Just Energy Solutions has joined the Worcester Accredited Installer (WAI) Scheme, Worcester’s exclusive business development programme for installers. After installing Worcester boilers and heating equipment for a number of years, Just Energy Solutions have been made a member of the Worcester Accredited Installer (WAI) Scheme. As the business’ efficient heating services have grown in popularity, so has the number of customers requesting Worcester technology. A number of our private heating customers specifically request Worcester boilers when they contact us to carry out a survey and give them a quote, so it’s great to now have the Worcester Accredited Installer seal of approval! We’ve put our team through Worcester’s technology-specific training and we look forward to installing many more in the future!” – Kevin Gray, Operations Manager, Just Energy Solutions The... read more

£4,020 Donated to Teenage Cancer Trust in First Six Months

£4,020 Donated to Teenage Cancer Trust in First Six Months Just Energy Solutions Raises over £4,000 for Oli Mills Foundation and Teenage Cancer Trust since the beginning of their official affiliation six months ago. Six months ago, Just Energy Solutions announced their official partnership with Oli Mills Foundation (OMF), a St Albans-based charitable group set up in memory of a local teen who died of a brain tumour 11 years ago. 100% of funds raised by OMF  are donated to Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) using a unique reference code, which allows the team to track total donations made on behalf of the Oli Mills Foundation. Working closely with the TCT, the OMF looks at specific projects to put their donations towards. £2 for every boiler installed by Just Energy Solutions is donated to OMF and TCT, on a monthly basis. In... read more

Keeping Another 30,000 Boilers Safe & Efficient

Keeping Another 30,000 Boilers Safe & Efficient Just Energy Solutions awarded contract to maintain 30,000 boilers on behalf of Energy Insurance Services Mears Group-owned Energy Insurance Services have awarded Just Energy Solutions a maintenance contract to service and repair 30,000 of their customers’ boilers. The contract is national, and carries a three year term. We’re delighted to be awarded the contract with Energy Insurance Services! We pride ourselves on long-term, happy relationships with our corporate partners, and look forward to the next three years of working together. We feel we’re a great fit, and are proud to represent Energy Insurance Services to their customers across the country.” – Neil Ring, Managing Director, Just Energy Solutions Mears and its companies’ vision is to make a positive difference to the communities they serve. They do this by improving homes, improving communities and... read more

4 Reasons To Sell Your Domestic Solar PV Feed-in Tariff

4 Reasons To Sell Your Domestic Solar PV Feed-in Tariff Our sister company, Solar Buyback Solutions, launched in 2015 to help domestic and commercial solar PV users release cash from their Feed-in Tariff and unlock their investment. If you’ve installed solar PV on your property using an MCS approved Solar Photovoltaics installer, you would have been eligible to apply for the Government’s Feed-in Tariff Scheme and earn quarterly, index-linked payments for 20 or 25 years, depending on when your system was installed. Since the launch of Solar Buyback Solutions, the UK’s first solar PV asset buy service (or “solar buy back” service), you now have the option to sell that Feed-in Tariff (FIT) for a cash lump sum. The panels stay on your roof, you continue to use as much of the free electricity you generate as possible, and we’ll... read more

Finalists Again at H&V News Awards 2016

Finalists Again at the H&V News Awards 2016 Just Energy Solutions in the running for Smart Installer of the Year 2016 & Energy Efficient Installer of the Year 2016 Titles The H&V News Awards judges have selected the organisations who demonstrated the very highest standards in their respective fields for the 2016 Awards, and the Just Energy Solutions Team is proud to have been shortlisted for both the “Energy Efficient Installer of the Year” and “Smart Installer of the Year” categories.Following the established format, the first phase of judging took place online, with judges reviewing a record number of nominations and handpicking their shortlist of finalists. All shortlisted finalists presented their case to the judges in March at the H&V News London offices, and won’t hear any more from the 62 independent judges till the winners are announced at the... read more